Basic On-line Portfolio

This is a PDF document of some stuff I've been working on the past few years. It's a 52 MB file, so beware. Open PDF.



Frank's Mausoleum

The Horrors of Frank Ackerman started as a screenplay then morphed into a graphic novel project.

Frank's   Mausoleum


The Gibbon (aka The Simian)

Coming Soon. Because this is a joint project with those damn fine Probot guys, I'm limited to the amount of work I can show. In fact, this is a coming soon kinda thing. So, just to gist this up. This is a comic compendium of The Gibbon, Frank Ackerman and Dead Meat. In the original Frank Ackerman screenplay, Frank's origin is not really touched upon. The Gibbon compedium gets to Frank's origin good and hard. For now, the link will take you to the Probot site.

The Simian


The James Gunn Store

This is a little something I'm doing for that there James Gunn store. Since I haven't done a whole lot I'll just post some of these damn fine products. And if you should decide to buy anything, which you should, all proceeds go to Roverrescue.